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Our Future Initiatives

Every three years, staff and stakeholders work together to outline priorities and plans for Cedarcrest in a new strategic plan. We’ve been hard at work preparing the next strategic plan – it takes both time and a village to do these right!

Strategic Plan

For this plan currently in progress, our commitments fall broadly into three categories:

  • Providing exceptional services to children, young adults, and their families
  • Taking exceptional care of our staff, volunteers, and community partners
  • Being exceptional stewards of a proactive, transparent, and sustainable business

As part of this effort, the leadership team has also prepared goals and objectives for their individual departments. The final version of the strategic plan will include departmental priorities alongside organizational goals, and will go into effect in 2024.

A message from our ceo

When Dot Sawyer and Clemmie Clement founded Cedarcrest, they made a commitment to a child with developmental differences who was not getting what she needed elsewhere. When Sharon Kaiser brought the organization to Keene, Cedarcrest made a commitment to children with increasing medical needs. When Cathy Gray began work with Maine and Vermont and built up respiratory support services, Cedarcrest made a commitment to children and young adults with the most complex of care needs. Now it is time to make another commitment.

During a recent strategic planning meeting Deb, a current employee, parent of a former resident, and longtime advocate, asked plainly if the organization would be rising to meet the residential care needs of young adults, like her son, who lack suitable skilled settings post-transition. I told Deb that our obligation in this plan is to make a setting that meets his needs a reality, whether that is at Cedarcrest or in partnership elsewhere.

The story of Cedarcrest has always been one of rising to meet the needs of our community. In exploring ongoing support for young adults lacking viable transition options, we honor this incredible legacy.

- Jay Hayston

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Community & Special Events

At Cedarcrest, there is a focus on outside adaptive activities, special events, and recreation in the community. All that happens here, the youth we serve, a team that cares, and the care that is taken make Cedarcrest the fun and welcoming place it is. Just a few popular events include:

Annual Walk & Roll


Tree Lighting

“Whenever possible, after ensuring the medical safety of each child and young adult, we endeavor to provide them with all of the opportunities available to their peers. We make whatever adaptations are necessary for them to explore, play, learn, and enjoy each day to its fullest.”

- Jay Hayston, CEO

There are many ways to support our current and future initiatives. Interested in helping? Get in touch with our team.

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