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Scope of Services

At the Cedarcrest School, we believe that all children have to potential to learn and grow regardless of their disabilities. Our dedicated Certified Special Education teachers and One-on-One Licensed Nursing assistants work diligently every day to meet the complex educational, social, and medical needs of each child in our school.

Scope of Services

Cedarcrest School is a New Hampshire Approved Private Special Education Program, providing comprehensive, year-round special education services to 23 residential and day students with significant cognitive impairments and complex medical and therapeutic needs.

Believing that all students learn and grow, Cedarcrest School educators devote themselves to delivering a high-quality educational program. Each student’s dedicated, interdisciplinary team develops personalized programs based on individual developmental levels and the unique educational, social, and medical needs of each student.

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Our approach

  • Proactively collaborate with local education agencies (LEAs) to develop individualized educational programs, including identifying needs for specially designed instruction
  • Integrate a range of adapted and assistive technologies throughout all aspects of the school day
  • Incorporate multiple communication modalities
  • Promote family and community engagement through activities and tools, such as Class DoJo.
  • Support individual educational programs with specialized consultants such as Teachers of the Visually Impaired, Teachers of the Deaf, and Orientation and Mobility Specialists
  • Supplement the special education program curriculum by bringing in consultants such as music teachers to provide enrichment
  • Hold monthly interdisciplinary and comprehensive quarterly team meetings to review each student’s program, equipment, and progress and plan adjustments as appropriate

Class DoJo

We are happy to announce that beginning the 2023-2024 school year, we began using Class DoJo to connect parents and guardians to their student’s teacher. Using Class DoJo allows you to message teachers directly, see photos and student work, and keep updated on what is happening in your student’s classroom.

“Community-based activities and field trips support students in learning how to be active members of their community and provide opportunities to practice important skills being worked on in the classroom. Additionally, they may offer opportunities for students to engage with peers, which research shows is advantageous across curriculum areas and grade bands. Peer interactions support building metacognitive awareness and social skills, as well as offering students opportunities to actively participate in learning experiences.”

- Amanda Coe, Head of School

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