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Infant and Toddler Care at Cedarcrest

When a child is born with complex medical needs, a family sometimes needs time to adjust and prepare. Cedarcrest’s Infant/Toddler (under 3 years) services provide a hospital-to-home transitional care option for families of young children who need intensive nursing support.

Cedarcrest is the only intermediate care facility in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine licensed to provide comprehensive medical services for children under the age of three. With a successful transition from hospital to home as our goal, our Infant/Toddler Program provides a transitional care option for families of young children with complex medical needs who require intensive nursing support.

Children in our Infant/Toddler Program may have respiratory complications or be at risk for developmental delay because of extreme prematurity. They may have been born with vision, hearing or other neurological impairments, or orthopedic deformities. They may have tracheostomies or gastrostomies, or require a ventilator or other high-tech support. Infants and toddlers diagnosed as high-risk can continue to stabilize medically and progress developmentally in an out-of-hospital, home-like setting at Cedarcrest.

Scope of Services

  • Provide nursing support and medical care for children under the age of three with complex medical needs
  • Medical care available for a child transitioning from the hospital to home
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy services
  • Oral motor and feeding therapy
  • Age-appropriate developmental activities
  • Building social and emotional relationships
  • Respiratory interventions, including ventilator weaning
  • Family and caregiver training for child’s special care needs
  • Arranging in-home supports for transition to home

“Cedarcrest has been a big part of my and my little man’s life for 2 years. They have done such an amazing job by taking care of my son. They pay attention to him. They are on hands with him.”

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