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Long Term Care Heroes Podcast:

Children with Disabilities Are Building Special Memories


A happy childhood consists of playing with friends, going on trips, and simply having fun. And at Cedarcrest Center for Children with Disabilities, we maintain that all children deserve that sort of joy. “The children here may have many complex needs, but the most important need is to get the medical stuff out of the way so the kids can just be kids,” commented Jay Hayston, the President and CEO of Cedarcrest, who was recently on the LTC Heroes podcast. “This is something the staff value and live by. They’re very honed in on that.”

You can listen to the full interview here: https://fb.watch/iixm8Mi-7j/

Experience Care’s Peter Murphy Lewis, the host of the show, was touched by Cedarcrest’s dedication to giving kids memories they’ll cherish for life. For instance, Hayston walked Lewis through the logistical challenges of organizing an aquarium trip to Boston. “Because of the children’s medical needs, we’re talking about nurses, one-to-one licensed nursing assistants for each child, and multiple large vehicles to park in Boston,” said Hayston. “It certainly is not an easy endeavor, but my team is consistently amazing at figuring out how to make those moments happen.”

At a higher level, Cedarcrest strives to create a safe and secure environment for kids to achieve the best quality of life possible. “While there are many pieces that need to be accounted for and hurdles that need to be overcome, those working in pediatric post-acute settings represent a small but vital part of a continuum of care,” Hayston said. “So any attention we can draw to those journeys and successes is well worth it.”

Written by: Cindy Wong

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