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HALO Foundation Includes Cedarcrest Story in Newsletter

The Help A Little One (HALO) Foundation based in Massachusetts has long been a supporter of children in Cedarcrest Center’s care. Their mission is to support children with neurological and complex medical problems and be a support for their families. They share stories of information and inspiration in their online newsletter and Cedarcrest Center children and programs are often featured. This summer newsletter includes stories about the way COVID-19 has impacted children and families. There is an article about pediatric complex care programs during the pandemic and one about our Physical Therapist Karen Wallace and providing “Tele-therapy” via Zoom for our day education students.

Please click this link to take you to a pdf of the HALO newsletter.

We are very grateful for the support we received from Dr. Alan Pinshaw, his wife Gail and the HALO Foundation.



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