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New Transit Van is On The Move!

The new van has been delivered and has been taking children on medical trips and on field trips for the past few weeks! The new van is equipped with many new features that the 2008 Ford Econoline van did not have and the tie downs have much more flexibility and versatility than our other transit van.  New features include the special cot tie downs, secure holders for oxygen tanks and a rear AC adapter for use with suction machines and ventilators, accessories that are not available on the older model van.

Here’s the backstory:
Over the past few years our nurse managers shared concerns about arranging transportation to the children’s medical appointments. The trips to and from Lebanon, NH, or Boston, MA, are very long and, due to the children’s weak muscle strength, sitting for that length of time in their wheelchairs in our Cedarcrest vans creates discomfort and stress and exhausts them before they have arrived at their destination.  Therefore, many of these trips required the use of a vehicle that could transport them on a stretcher/cot and we would have to hire an ambulance service for these trips.

Our nurses and facilities manager determined that acquiring a 2020 Ford Transit Van with a paratransit conversion package would be a tremendous asset. This new Transit would include a rear entry hydraulic lift; the capability to tie down a cot/stretcher; wheelchair securement system for three pediatric wheelchairs; and flexible, movable, and removable seats for four individual caregivers.

We are so grateful for generous contributions from the David W. and Barbara A. Somero Charitable Foundation, Katherine and Richard Rhoades, The Helen Kelley Trust of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, C&S Wholesale Grocers, Joanne and Jim Smith and Ace/Avant Concrete Construction that have made it possible for us to purchase the 2020 Transit Van with Cot/Stretcher.

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